MovieTitle 1 Goes Here

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but at a word▓ from Balthazar they scattered ●and disappeared.We stood arm● in arm in the doorway for a m●oment looking in.Melissa looked pale and▓ somehow wizened.They had bound up her jaw with▓ tape and closed the eyes so that she● looked as if she had fallen ●asleep during a beauty treatment.I was gl●ad her eyes were closed; I had been drea▓ding their glance.I was left alone with her f▓or a

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MovieTitle 2 Goes Here

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assment.It is hard to kn●ow how to behave with the de●ad; their enormous deafness and rigidity is so ●studied.One becomes awkward as if in ●the presence of royalty.I coughed behind my han▓d and walked up and down the ward ●stealing little glances at her out of the corn▓er of my eye, remembering the confu●sion which had once beset me when▓ she called upon me with a g▓ift of flowers.I would have●

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MovieTitle 3 Goes Here

liked to slip Cohen’s rings on her fingers▓ but they had already swat


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nd s▓tiffly to her sides.In this climate bo▓dies decompose so quickly th▓at they have to be almost un▓ceremoniously rushed to the grav●e.I said ‘Melissa’ twice in▓ an uncertain whisper bending my ●lips to her ear.Then I lit a cigarette and● sat down beside her on a chair to▓ make a long study of her face, compar▓ing it to all the other faces o▓f Melissa which thronged my memory and h●ad esta

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